Are you struggling to make changes in your life?

  • Are you curious about hypnosis for weight loss?
  • Looking for help with smoking cessation?
  • Wondering about sleep hypnosis ?
  • Does hypnosis work for depression?
  • How do I find the best hypnotist?

If you’ve asked yourself any of the above questions and you’re ready to get rapid results and lasting changes, you’ve come to the right place! I’m Stephanie Dalfonzo and I’ve been a Certified Hypnotist for the past decade.  I’ve been an E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner for a lot longer than that!  It is my passion is to help you stop struggling and get past the issues that have been keeping you stuck (and no, I won’t make you bark like a dog!). My clients often call me their “personal G.P.S.” because I quickly identify the root cause of what’s blocking you and provide the precise, accurate solution for rapid results among my vast array of simple tools and techniques.  I use hypnosis for weight loss, overcome a public speaking phobia, any fear - fear of driving, fear of flying, needle phobias; stop smoking hypnosis, stress reduction – just about any issue you want to overcome, we can together co create a lasting change .  I will teach you self hypnosis — which puts YOU in the driver’s seat! Once you learn this amazing, simple technique of self hypnosis, you realize you can  change anything you want to!

American’s filled 60 million prescriptions for sleep medications last year!  Let me teach you sleep hypnosis - a natural way to get a better night’s sleep!

I also get a lot of calls from people suffering from depression and anxiety symptoms and panic attacks.  I can certainly help you — we just need to get a physician’s referral (and I have all the paperwork ready to go).  Give me a call at 203-797-9288 and we can get the paperwork rolling!

Remember what Henry Ford said many years ago:  ”Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

”Forget about therapy and talking through what happened 15 years ago.  This is where the real healing takes place – with Stephanie.”~Janet Johnson

You may be wondering “does hypnosis work?” YES!! There have been more than 12,000 articles on hypnosis published since the 1950s in medical and psychological journals proving it.  You may want to look at this article from Penn State University.

Just imagine getting the steps, techniques, guidance and encouragement that you need to enjoy your freedom – from whatever issue has been holding you back. It’s not your fault. Unfortunately most of us rely on willpower to try to make changes and willpower is least available when it’s most needed.  I will help you successfully set your goal and reach it. I provide Connecticut hypnosis services for many types of issues.

Don’t smoke?  Don’t need to lose weight?  No fears or phobias?

Don’t worry…there’s a good chance hypnosis can still be of benefit to you.  Click here for a comprehensive list of problems and issues that respond well to effective hypnosis – including anxiety, panic attacks, hot flashes, relationship issues, sports performance and more.

•••••• My Personal Guarantee
I can’t guarantee human behavior, but I can guarantee a high level of service and devotion to professionalism. When you come to me for assistance, that’s a promise I can keep. ••••••

There used to be a local hypnotist who offered a 100% guarantee.  I worked with many of his clients seeking CT hypnosis services to help them finally become non-smokers for life.  One of his clients asked why I didn’t offer the guarantee also.  I asked her about it and she said “well every time I started smoking again, I would go back for a session.”  My reply was “exactly!  He was setting you up to fail, giving you an excuse to go back to smoking.  I am setting you up to succeed – to finally commit to becoming a non smoker for life – no excuses!”

Call 203-797-9288 now to schedule your free 20 minute “get to know you session” to find out exactly how this will work for you.

**I provide services for hypnosis in CT and NY but also work with people in other areas – phone and Skype sessions are equally effective.